Our Promise

We are passionate about good customer service.

We are passionate about our marine life and protecting it.

We are passionate about the well-being of New Zealand.

We are passionate about sharing our love for the ocean with you.

When you book a tour with Dolphin Seafaris, you are in for a magical adventure. We aspire to create unforgettable experiences with every single tour. We want you to feel the joy and share our passion, take it away with you back to your home wherever in the world that may be. We want to make sure your Dolphin Encounter will stay with you for many years to come.

We know we cannot save this planet by ourselves, it takes team work, it takes education and it takes compassion. We are here to serve as advocates, educators and enlighteners for the marine wildlife. We want you to embark on your encounter with us full of excitement, questions and suspense. You can be sure to disembark after your tour more conscientious, more knowledgable and more fulfilled. Let us share our passion with you so you can take it away with you and share a little bit along your journey.

We want to give back where we can. A donation will be given to Project Jonah for every tour you book with us as a thank you for choosing Dolphin Seafaris for your wildlife encounter.