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Season runs through to May 5th!

Join us at Dolphin Seafaris for a first class,
comfortable cruise!

Swim with dolphins in their natural habitat

Fulfil your dream of encountering the majestic dolphins in the open waters of Tauranga. Dolphin Seafaris offers amazing encounters with dolphins using safe swim bars to hold on to while in the water. This is an unforgettable dolphin excursion that is perfect for the whole family.

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Our Latest Encounter

One of the best days of the year today.  Hundreds of common dolphins all over the Bay.  
Truly an amazing sight.  The weekend looks great on the ocean.  Join us.


Experience Tauranga’s other marine life

The bay has plenty of amazing marine life to show off. During your dolphin tour, not only will you come across wild Common and Bottlenose dolphins, you are also very likely to encounter epic Orcas, Humpback and Pilot Whales, beautiful turtles, seals and much more. Let Tauranga’s natural beauty take your breath away today.


Comfortable purpose built vessels with safety swim bars

Unlike other boats, our two vessels have been built specifically for dolphin tours. Our reliable vessels have custom built swim bars for the comfort and ease for those who don’t wish to free swim with the dolphins. We have a 100% safety record and can take large groups for corporate and private cruises.

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Welcome to Dolphin Seafaris!

The Bay of Plenty boasts huge numbers of dolphins, whales and orcas. An abundance of marine life is a short boat ride away!
Spaces are filling fast. Gift vouchers available for Christmas and birthdays. Cruise ship passengers are welcome.  We pick up Cruise ship passengers right at the port.  

View the dolphins in their spectacular, natural environment on their terms.
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success rate

What to expect on your dolphin tour? 

  • 5 hour dolphin tour departing at 8am, returning at 1pm during 1st November – 7th May. 8:15 pick up from Tauranga and Mt Maunganui.
  • Swim or watch dolphins; see other marine life with a tour of the bay.
  • Interesting and educational commentary from qualified marine biologists.
  • Prices: Children under 5 – free (no swim); Children 5-12years $110 and Adults $150
  • Price includes: Wet suit, snorkel gear, tea coffee and light snack.
  • Underwater Go-pro cameras for photo & video; USB flash drive and T-Shirts available at additional cost. Proceeds donated to save Japan dolphins, Orca Fund, and World Wildlife Fund.

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Dolphin Tales

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    Dolphin trip of a lifetime 
  • Shark Myth Buster!
    We’ve been lucky enough to spot a number of blue sharks and hammerhead sharks in the last few weeks, so we thought we’d do some myth busting and see if we can make you love sharks like we do! Hammerhead sharks, easily distinguishable by their unusual shaped head, might look scary, but they are actually big scaredy cats. They have no interest in us, and are way more likely to be m...
  • Bringing in the New Year!
    What a way to bring in the new year!Super pods, Orca, Brydes whales, Sunfish, and even turtles!We’ve had it all this month at Dolphin Seafaris and hopefully this streak of luck will continue for the rest of the season!Summer has shifted into gear and we are having one of the best seasons yet with this beautiful weather and dolphins for days!The dolphins are always a favourite for us on our ...
  • Merry Christmas!
    Merry Christmas!   The Holiday period has kicked off in full swing! The Bay of Plenty has been putting on a show for all our guests the past few weeks with this stunning weather, calm seas and plentiful array of marine life! Over past few weeks the Common Dolphins have been entertaining our guests with their surfing skills, jumping ability and sometimes mating displays! We’ve had so...
  • Whales O' Plenty
    Whales O' Plenty We have had an absolutely fantastic start to the season. Typically, November is a great month to view Whales and this November has been no exception. 90+% of the time we encounter the common dolphins however, 10-12% of the time we are blessed to see whales! Predominately throughout the season we see Orca most often. Orca are the largest of the dolphin family and definitel...

About Dolphin Seafaris

We are a passionate team who love all marine life, especially dolphins, and enjoy educating our customers about dolphins and marine life. With many years of working with marine animals and a high success rate of locating dolphins, Dolphin Seafaris will give you the dolphin tour of a life time. 

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