What time and where should I check in for my tour?

Please arrive at 7.30am for your Dolphin Encounter tour which will depart at 8am promptly. The traffic can be heavy in Tauranga during the summer months, please make sure you plan accordingly. Arrive at the marina at 2.30pm for your Snorkelling Tour, for 3pm departure. Both tours leave from and return to Tauranga Bridge Marina. At the marina, please come see us at Berth D1 where our vessel Guardian is berthed to get instructions of where to collect your snorkelling equipment.

Do you guarantee we see or swim with Dolphins?

Yes we do! However, it is a totally wild encounter in the Pacific Ocean. We have a 95% success of finding the dolphins in the summer months and swim with them 85% of the time. We cannot swim with them when they have young as per our Department of Conservation Marine Mammal Permit.

Do you get your money back if we don’t find Dolphins?

On the rare occasion when we do not see any dolphin species, we do give a one time return voucher for a second trip that season only.

Are there sharks?

Yes, there are sharks in the ocean.  However, we rarely see them in the same area as the dolphins.  They feed on different food and do not hang out together.  You will not encounter a shark while swimming with the dolphins. 


What should I bring?

Please bring a towel, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, camera, something warm to wear, and wear your swimwear under your clothes if wanting to swim. It's recommended that you bring some snacks, however we do supply a light morning tea (fresh fruit, banana bread, tea, coffee and orange juice).  

What forms of payment do you use? 

We are set up to handle Efptos, Mastercard, Visa and cash.  

Do you have minimum numbers?

Yes we do. We require a minimum of 10 full-fare adults to cover costs. If we do not have enough passengers to run our tours, we hold the right to cancel our tour. This is why it is important to call us the eve of your tour on 07 577 0105 between 6pm and 7pm to confirm that we will be going out. We will give you the option to reschedule your tour for another day, or request a full refund.

From what age can children swim with dolphins? 

The minimum age is 7 years old to swim, but it all depends on the level of confidence in the water and snorkelling ability. If they are comfortable in the water with a snorkel and mask, and have no issue holding on to the swim bar, it may be possible with a parent right beside the child. If the child is not confident, they will still have an awesome experience watching the amazing dolphins from the bow of the boat. 

Please note: Adverse sea conditions may result in these age limits being changed by the skipper during the tour to ensure the safety of all swimmers.


What if I get sea sick? 

This trip is an ocean experience and we cannot guarantee that you will not get seasick. We provide natural remedies on boat, such as ginger nut biscuits, ginger tea, and peppermint oil to try and ease your upset stomach. However if you are prone to seasickness or motion sickness, or if you have a suspicion that you might suffer from sea sickness or motion sickness, please take appropriate medication before the trip (read the label carefully, some require that you take the medication the night before). Please note sea sickness is not a reason to seek a refund for the tour. 

Can I use a drone on the tour?

No you cannot. Drone use over wild marine animals is only permitted by applying for a special license from the Department of Conservation. Our tours are not suited for drone usages.

What if the trip gets cancelled due to the weather? 

We ask customers to call us the night before their scheduled trip between 6pm and 7pm to confirm if the weather and sea conditions will allow for the trip to go ahead the following day. We will give you the option to book on another day, depending on availability.  If you are unable to make another day we will offer a full refund if the tour is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. 

What happens if I have booked but I can't make it? 

If for some reason you are unable to make your tour with us, please give us 48 hours notice to receive a full refund. If you do not give us 48 hours notice, you will be charged full price. We will not give a refund if you do not show up for the trip.