When we run a Dolphin Trip, clients must understand that it is a TRIP OF NATURE. We have a success rate of over 95% of finding dolphins & other marine life. Of that time we are able to swim with them about 85% of the time.

Our aim when we find dolphins is to swim with them, but there are situations where we legally, morally or physically CAN’T swim with them. For example: when there are juveniles with the pod we are legally not allowed to enter the water. Morally, we don’t want to upset the balance of nature by upsetting them, NOR having the babies become accustomed to humans. 

It is the skipper’s decision on whether or not we can enter the water. More often than not we will cruise with a maternity pod, enjoy their company, take some pictures, and leave them in peace. We will then attempt to find a pod we can swim with. These are completely wild animals & we do not entice them into the area and any interaction with us is purely governed by the behaviour of the dolphins, and the rules imposed upon us.

We are an ECO tourism operator, which means respecting these wild animals and their space, and our clients must understand that. Swimming with the dolphins is a wonderful privilege. Dolphin Seafaris operates under a Department of Conservation marine mammal permit and its guidelines.

The minimum age to swim with dolphins is 7 years old. However, under adverse sea conditions, this age may be raised by the Skipper on the trip to ensure the safety of all swimmers.

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We are a passionate team who love all marine life, especially dolphins, and enjoy educating our customers about dolphins and marine life. With many years of working with marine animals and a high success rate of locating dolphins, Dolphin Seafaris will give you the dolphin tour of a life time. 

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