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Being the premier eco dolphin watch operation in the Bay of Plenty area, our staff have to be the very best available. We pride ourself in our customer service.  

All our guides are genuine marine naturalists / biologists with university degrees, are fully qualified Dive Masters, instructors and share a deep love of all marine mammals, especially the dolphins that frequent the Pacific Ocean in the Bay area.

Safety at sea is paramount with us, especially with swimmers in the open ocean environment.

A proper briefing on your swim equipment, techniques and safety in the water can only be given
by qualified dive masters such as ours. Our 100% safety record is the best in the business.

Our skippers are the best around with a wealth of experience working safely with marine mammals for over 30 years and give the most informative and interesting commentary about dolphins, whales and other marine creatures you will find anywhere. 

So whilst aboard ‘Guardian’ for the trip of a lifetime, you will be assured of the very best information, care and service available

Cameron Fines

Cameron was born and raised in Fort St John BC. Canada on a grain and cattle farm. He worked on the family farm until 2004, where they had beef cattle, cereal and oilseed crops. Growing up, Cameron was very active in sports such as ice hockey, volleyball, baseball and soccer.

In 2004, Cameron started up his own trucking business Done Farming Ventures. He was involved in the oil and gas industry in the Fort St John area. Heavy hauling all sorts of oilfield equipment in the frozen north of British Columbia.

In 2008, Cameron opened up Fines Organic and Natural Foods. This was a small health food store in Fort St John, that gave people healthy alternatives.
In 2012, Cameron and 3 children Brock, Paige and Reid made the move across the world to settle in New Zealand. Cameron sold everything in Canada and moved across the world to expose the kids to a different environment and way of life.   He believes that life is an adventure and New Zealand is one of the best places in the world for adventure and fun.

Spending five seasons on the boat have given my family and I such an appreciation for the Ocean, and these amazing intelligent dolphins that we have here in the Bay. It has taught us all how important it is to conserve our environment, and protect our oceans. Our mission is to give customers an experience of a lifetime. We want you to enjoy the privilege of experiencing the dolphins and marine life in the Bay as we have. Our mission is to decreses and eliminate the demand for dolphins in captivity.  We look forward to having you aboard and meeting you on one of our trips.  We are here to serve and give you the once in a lifetime experience!

Cameron has his blue belt in Taekwondo, loves kick boxing, watching the UFC, Bikram Yoga and is a Master Graduate of the Tony Robbins Programs, as well as a senior leader.  He has obtained his skippers license in New Zealand, as well as extensive boating experience in Canada.

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Hazel Ro
Hazel is from Scotland but has grown up in New Zealand exploring rock-pools at the beach. 

She has a degree in biological science focusing and marine biology and environmental management from Waikato University. She is in her second year at Dolphin Seafaris and can't think of a better place to be in the world. "every day on the water is exciting and different. The dolphins are always fantastic and there are so so many other incredible creatures to discover. 
Hazel has spent lots of time with New Zealand conservation protecting our sea birds and forests. She loves travelling but always comes back to the awesome Bay of Plenty.
Her hobbies are snorkeling, kayaking and growing fresh vegetables in her garden, even if her chickens do eat most of them.  

simon crew member

Simon is originally from Newcastle, UK. and has spent the last 5 years in New Zealand with his partner Maddy and their dog.   Simon spent 14 years in the British Military.  Simon has his marine biology degree from the Bay of Plenty Poly Tech.   He absolutely loves the water. Some of his interests are surfing, diving, sailing and anything that involves being in or around the water. Simon is currently working in his second season as one of the crew members for Dolphin Seafaris.

Simon is a Dive Master and has really enjoyed working for dolphin Seafaris over the last year .  His sense of humour, wit , knowledge of the ocean and energetic attitude make him an invaluable member of our crew.  "I have met some amazing people from all walks of life on our trips and it’s an awesome excuse to get out on the sea…. You never know what you will come across”.

website image-265-57

Sam grew up in by the ocean on the Far South Coast of Australia, moving over to Tauranga 3 years ago to study.
She has completed a diploma in Marine Studies, followed by a degree in Biological Sciences. She is a qualified dive instructor and a trained marine mammal medic and has been involved in numerous rescues and stranding’s within the bay.
Sam loves being out on the water, and enjoys swimming, diving, running and hiking!
Sam’s starting working for us in December and has been able to share her love of the ocean, its creatures and the dolphin swimming experience with locals and our international guests. 
Sam enjoys working on the boat and getting to know guests and learning about everyones different cultures and is excited to share one of her passions with people whom some of have never been swimming in the ocean before let alone with dolphins!

Christina is from the beautiful bay of plenty and has just returned home after travelling through Europe.
She has a Bachelor of Science degree, focussing on zoology and marine biology, as well as a Graduate Diploma in tourism from Otago University. She is a qualified science teacher and has a real desire to learn.
She is in her second season at Dolphin Seafaris and can’t think of a better place to spend her summer, nothing beats being on the water, exploring our unique natural environment, especially when it involves encountering dolphins!
She has a passion for the natural world, travelling and teaching. Her other hobbies include, water sports, hiking and baking...even though it doesn’t always turn out, quite to plan.

IMG 9526-589-403

Lucy grew up by the coast in Devon, England and has studied Marine Vertebrate Zoology in Wales, specialising in shark physiology and electroreception.

She has been in New Zealand since April, doing a ski season in Queenstown and then slowly travelling up the country. She is planning on moving to Western Australia next season to follow her dream of working with sharks. 

This is also her first season with us here at Dolphin Seafaris!


Cille is from Norway but thinks of herself a citizen of the world. Having moved, studied, travelled and ventured to almost every corner of the world, she decided that New Zealand (her 14thcountry of residence) would be the ideal home for her and her family. Cille and her husband Thierry sold their tourism business in the South of France and made the move to the beautiful Bay of Plenty with their 3 young kids, Vincent, Charly and Calypso.

Cille has been a keen diver since she blew her first bubbles underwater at the age of 10 in the Bahamas. 25 years later, Cille met Thierry on the Maldivian island of Vilamendhoo where they were both working as scuba diving instructors. With quite a few dives and decades of experience between them they focus their teaching on marine conservation and awareness.

Being Norwegian, Cille is a keen cross-country and downhill skier. She has also been bitten by the running bug and has completed a few trail races and half marathons on the Mediterranean coast.

Cille loves to explore her new surroundings on foot, horseback or camping and capturing the beauty around each turn on her camera.

She has a passion for DIY, to fix and create things. With 3 active kids, there are always toys that need fixing, furniture that can be built or given a new life. When she’s not fixing broken toys, you can find her either in her garden trying to cultivate a green thumb or baking something delicious in the kitchen for her husband to sell in his food trailer.

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About Dolphin Seafaris

We are a passionate team who love all marine life, especially dolphins, and enjoy educating our customers about dolphins and marine life. With many years of working with marine animals and a high success rate of locating dolphins, Dolphin Seafaris will give you the dolphin tour of a life time. 

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